Panel has begun!


Bryan begins by talking about the change, the show is NOT cancelled. It is moving over to digital because of numbers- while on the air it got relatively low ratings, digital streaming was through the roof. Though the transition and announcement could have been done better, it will still be available, and it will start going online NEXT FRIDAY AUGUST 1ST WITH A NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK, WITH A TWO PART SEASON 3 FINALE ON AUGUST 22.



Hello followers. I’m sorry I never talk to you guys, but I have a question. :<

I need something to read…I just finished a book, and my metaphorical stack of books to read has vanished! (or rather, been forgotten….oops.)

So, I need suggestions??? Shoot out your favorites, and don’t worry, I’m not to picky nor married to one particular genre. YA, nonfiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, it’s all good!

Don’t be afraid to shoot out more popular stuff, too. I haven’t been in the loop about what the cool kids are reading these days since like, middle school (I’ve never read Divergent, for example).